Monday, 9 April 2012

Can you see the truth?

"What do you see? You people gazing at me?" These are the lyrics going round and round in my head. They were sung (I just found out from a film buff) in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang by Truly Scrumptious. ...What a name! But this (oh so random) song is going through my head because I was thinking about what we see when we see. How much do we "pre-see"? Prejudge? Call it what you like.

The other day I was chatting to some people. Chit chat. Chit chat. Huh?

I had that moment when you almost start gazing, staring, seeing something different in something that frankly shouldn't be new to you. A thing. An aura. An energy. Or something just plain weird! Sometimes, we just see nothing at all. I mean, how many times do we really re-see?

I've already shown this image to a couple of people. Some have interestingly given me an opinion that, at one point, had me bent double laughing. Well, these are the first images of the second set of my Alter-Ego project. Look at the image and make up your own mind of what you see. Maybe at the end of the set, you'll have to go back to the beginning and see again.

What do you see?

What do you see? 2

For all those starting the week on a day off, enjoy! I'm jealous!

Angus D

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Explain this! Weird

Going through sets of photos. It's a rapid process. On the whole, I rarely go back to see the things that have been dropped on the proverbial editors floor. But once in a while, you go back and see something that your really, really, can't explain.

I had gone to do some reflective searching to see some of my past material and to see what I don't want to do in the future.

Learn from history. Let the future create.

Understanding techniques is also a crucial part of photography. Why did the light fall in a certain way? Was it intentional? Can you recreate it? Those are the signs of the masters.So I went on my pilgrimage of images, mine and others. I sought enlightenment of light. Purity. Holistic bathing. Maybe I'd see a spirit guide along the way. In fact, I wonder what creature my spirit guide would be...?

Anyway, something caught my eye. There are literally millions of images that immediately get chucked away. But in this one, I was wondering what trick of light I was looking at on my second pass. I really couldn't understand it because it looks like a ghost image like when you either have a long exposure or a blur from someone else. It looks like these things. Would be nice if it was. But none of these things were present.

I would love to say I knew how to do this, in the camera. I would freak people out. :-) But until I have words with my spirit guide, I don't know how to do this. I'm still trying to figure out what the hell I see when I see this!

An image immediately discarded

On closer inspection...
Angus D