Sunday, 19 February 2012

Proud to eat in public

I sat there watching TV. Spaghetti bolognese on my lap. Chowing down. Hungry. Ravenous. "Eat the plate too" type hungry. Now, like a typical man, when I got my plate, eyes became focused  on my feast. No wavering gaze. If I was by myself, I may have even dispensed with the interruption of the knife and fork.

And just like a true animal, after a few minutes head down, face full, my head popped up to do a quick scan of the surroundings making sure no other hungry creature is going to attack me and take my feast. Teeth slightly showing in preparation for any challenger. I scanned behind me. Eyes widened.

My girlfriend sat there. Mouth open as wide as her head. Lowering a ball of spaghetti the size of an adult fist into her mouth.

I was impressed.

She wasn't.