Saturday, 13 August 2011

I have a confession to make - part 2

Wedding over (yes I skipped a bit). Reception. Again outdoors. Again overlooking the marina. Again perfect.

The food. Oh my gosh. I never knew octopus legs could taste so good. I would never have normally... Again, the "never normally" part comes up. This is getting to be a habit on this trip! But damn there was some tasty seasoning on that gently stewed cephalopod. All the food was tasty. Too tasty. I couldn't get enough. Literally. The mood was high spirited. I lost count of the amount of random guests I would turn around to and just start merrily chatting about nothing in particular. I was always greeted with a smile and a "heeeeeey!" Followed by the Greek special "Angoose!" That's what my name sounds like "translated" into Greek tongue. To be honest, I now find it cute. Only when it comes from the Greeks though!

Then the music started. Klelia and her model of a husband, Adonis, took to the floor to show us what the day means to them. It really was a great sight. 

As the sun went down, guests stood up and threw shapes against the setting sun and into the night. Now, by this point I am already swaying to the music. I was tricked into dancing when the DJ played some pop music and people grabbed and dragged me onto the dance floor. 

I didn't mind. It was fine. It was great fun. And for the first time, we could be energetic and no one was sweating buckets - blessings of the nigh time coastal air. It felt great. I began to lose myself. I mean, who wouldn't. It's not every day you get to go to a wedding like this. Even if your job is to go to weddings! Hands were being thrown up. Waists were twisting to the beats. People were jumping. I believe this is what you call a good vibe. And it was good.

Then, like the start of dawn, there was a veeery smooth change in music. I didn't realise it was coming and by the time it came, it was too late. The dance music. In my primal instinctive state, I only heard the beat. I really did. I promise! By the time I recognised what was happening, it was like dancing with a great looking partner when the music turns ugly - you don't dare stop because then your time with the sexy dancer stops. And you don't want that. Except, I felt like I was dancing with everyone. And I wasn't going to be the one to let the side down. So I kept the vibe and kept dancing. 

Till 6 in the morning. Exactly 6am. 

Once again, bodies cast silhouettes on the sun. Beamings smiles all around. The shine in everyone's eyes told you all you needed to know about how good the night was. A magical night not soon forgotten.


Saturday, 6 August 2011

I have a confession to make - part 1

To those that know me, I'm really sorry. I don't know what came over me. Well, actually, I do. And I feel a little unrepentant at the same time. But hopefully you'll find it in your hearts to see me as the same person. It's hard for me to say this. But I, Angus, danced, to dance music.

I know I may have said words to the effect of "never ever everevereverever would I dance to it", but I did, and the truth has been choking me for a while. Before you all, I would like to confess and free my soul from this burden. Let me explain:

I was invited, as a guest, to a good friend's wedding. In Greece. I love that place. If I ever need a break, my Greek friends are always happy to see me. I think. And it also meant that I wasn't working so since I haven't had a holiday in quite a few years, I was more than happy at the idea of turning up, eating and drinking, and generally not having to worry about who looks good in what environment! A no stress trip!

We landed in Thessaloniki to meet some very good friends, then had a TWELVE HOUR trip to our hotel in the island of Aegina where the wedding was to be held. Pool at the hotel. Beach, 5 mins away. Not so bad. :-)

As a side note, our taxi ride through Aegina showed the island to be a truly beautiful mix or rolling lush hills, small villages kept in serene beauty often a stone throw away from a marina full of small weathered boats tied to the moorings. It was like a mental breath of fresh air. I loved it.

The first night there, we didn't even get a chance to check out the surroundings, I was told there was a small get-together for close friends with the bride and groom and family. (With the Greeks, "small" could mean absolutely anything!) I can tell you two things about our first night: 1. There was a BBQ with some seriously juicy chops. 2. We didn't leave until 5am. 5am! After 12 hours travelling! Did I say this trip was going to be relaxing? The precedent for doing things I don't normally do had been set.

Wedding day. Big day. Hot day. I started off the day doing some lengths in the pool. Think of it as topping off a beach bod. A good beach bod is also a good suit/dress body. (Not that I would wear a dress!) There is a method to my madness. From the pool to a frappe. Frappe to seafood lunch. Lunch to shower. Shower to chapel. So far so good.

The chapel. Gorgeous place. Small white chapel overlooking the waters. Everyone looking suave, sexy and cool under the afternoon sun. Which is good because the wedding was outdoor, but the late afternoon sun and evening breeze kept us feeling warm to the core. Or was that the wedding? 

Klelia, the beautiful bride, arrived on a small boat captained by her father. Now, it was definitely a beautiful scene - Klelia, slowly drifting into the port, standing holding the boat mast, waving and looking excited. ... However... However... The potential for it to go wrong, was not small. :-) 

The little boat above, enlarged. Still little. :-)
Fortune smiled on us that day, Klelia disembarked and made it to the chapel without incident, keeping composure as if she gets off small boats in wedding dresses for a living!

It was at this point more than any before that I starting getting that yearning to be working and not spectating. 

Off to the reception we go, where I saw a side to myself I didn't want to know I had....