Saturday, 24 September 2011

Good Morning! :-)

It's Saturday. It's Saturday. It's Saturdaaaaaaaaay!!!

Is there a better morning to wake up on? Seriously, if there is, I wanna know. ... Maybe if Saturday was January 1st... But then, it's still Saturday. Oh yes.

What to do, what to do? Normally a slooow stirring from bed. The mind being eased of weekly work worries. Pressures are given short stick and the pillow is given a long warm hug. The weight and warmth of the duvet kisses your skin while your body stretches and writhes below like a cat stretching it's claws. Eyes open. Blink. But no immediate look at the time. No snooze button. No dread. Just the slow heavenly presence of sunlight on the face of your mind giving it a soft ethereal splash of energy. No doubt some of you with shoot back down below your duvets hiding from the light like a shocked rabbit diving for cover!

The mind has energy warmed into it. What to do what to do?

You slip slowly out of bed, perhaps to the sofa to flop back down to have a second wakeup session. Senses coming online. Slowly. Gently. See, now would be a perfect time to have someone to come and serve you while you lie there yawning, rousing, stretching for a smoother day. ... A Saturday morning sla... helper :-) ... Now that's an idea...

Happy Saturday people.

Morning Glory

Angus D

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Picturesque - someone out there for you

Oh I have been tired! Tired I tell you! Tired! But... I was re-invigorated by a visit from a close friend from abroad. It was great to see her and we spent oodles and oodles of time chatting and catching up.

Now, I generally try not to work when I'm chatting to people unless I have something very time sensitive to finish. And unfortunately, I had one of those days. I know I know it's bad and I really try not to do it much. I was putting the finishing touches on a swimsuit type Sports Illustrated inspired image and she neatly interrupted me to have a peak at some of my other images that for one reason or another, can't be displayed online. It's unfortunate when it happens, but such is my life. Top secret images. Non-Disclosure Agreements. Threats of a beating from an angry client. You know how it is.

A woman smoking by Gordon McGowan
I also showed her some images of people I really look up to, people like Gordon McGowan a wedding photographer who (rightly) charges top dollar for his fantastic work and a few others. I look over, and she was, shall I say, thoughtful.

Food by Bob Towery
"I don't understand people who have some of this stuff in their houses."

Okaaaaay... "What is it that you don't understand?"

Buildings by Martin Stavars
"I mean, that's just an image of people by a bush. And that one, it's... Yes I can see they are by the water but why would I want that on my wall?!"

"Well, when you put it like that...!"

Sunset by Yaron Silberberg
The old "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" issue.

What beauty is in the beholder's eye? What is it that makes one image good, gorgeous, captivating... while a similar image just doesn't touch you on that level? It doesn't engage you and it doesn't seem to have the almost inexplicable depth that you've sensed in other images.

A child crying by Jill Greenberg
Fashion? Current trends? Music? Childhood memories? Aspirations? Belief? What your boss said to you yesterday and how it made you feel?

A splash of water, from the series "If Fire Were Water" by Platinum FMD.

I grew up learning science and psychology as a side hobby, so I could talk all day about this. But the truth is, I can't really tell you the answer. But I can tell you we should all be very thankful that we don't all find the same thing beautiful. It means there is someone out there for everyone.

Stay blessed. Enjoy your week.

Angus D