Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Natural Lounge - Afro hair and a child that didn't cheat. Promise! :-)

Natural afro hair. Natural afro hair education. ... It was great!

A past client, and good friend of mine put on her very first event to solidify her position as a premier UK source of information for natural afro hair. The Natural Lounge was set up to give a relaxed friendly environment for people to learn about natural afro hair and to dispel many worries.

The very first Natural Lounge event was a great success. Tickets were sold out. I always arrive early to a job, but there were some women arriving up to 45 mins early which I thought showed an amazing level of interest. By the start time, the venue was bubbling.

The energy was great. People were open, honest and very welcoming. It was a great first event...

...Even when during the raffle, the first person who had the honour to put her hand in the jar and take a ticket was a uber-cute child. She reached as far into the jar as her little arm could, gave it a swirl and picked out a ticket.

"And the winner is......!"

Her Mum! Lol!!!

I thought this was hilarious. Some thought it was a fix. But as you can see here, she definitely wasn't looking. Like the event, it was honest, and great fun.


Monday, 11 October 2010

Chinese whispers

Technology is an amazing thing. Just the other day I took my HTC Desire out of my pocket, pulled up Google Maps, quickly checked directions to where my friends were eating, then walked on. To have the worlds roads in your pocket, when you think about it, is absolutely amazing.

I read about a guy at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) who mixed a regular webcam with a mirror and some inventive programming, and made a mirror that can detect and read a person's pulse. Now that is amazing.

Just over a week ago I had to update my storage system because I was running out of space to put the new images. I won't bore you with technical details, but needless to say, I have more space and a new backup system. And in the process, I'll have a new media server to dish up the music wherever I happen to be.

Technology is amazing.

However the instructions to this amazing technology, was no so amazing.

"The xxxx is capable for 16 backup version control."

Huh? Ooooh, you mean xxxx can hold 16 backups!

"Clicking on Apply after firmed with desired schedule"

What? Not even a full stop after that sentence?!

It's like a game of Chinese Whispers. Except this game has taken me about a week to get to grips with! Grrrrrrrrr!

Yes people, translation technology is not quite up there with cool phones or mirrors that read our vital stats.