Monday, 4 June 2012

Crazy folk!

Some weddings are entertaining. Some weddings are plush. Some weddings are just plain live.

I think I covered the last one recently.

Bes and Onur... Bes and Onur. They warned me. They did warn me. "There may be some craziness" they said. Now, I'm perfectly fine with that. In fact, I'm very happy with the threat. It means I have to bring not just my A-game, but some other ninja skills like being able to disappear into the shadows when people want to grab me to dance.

I brought my A-game. Yay! Failed at the extra stuff though!

I think they had a very magical day. I sat outside the bride's house, hiding inside my car like surveillance officers, camera primed, waiting for her to see her surprise chauffeur. Beautiful car. Horrible weather. Raining. Grey. Miserable. All up until about 10 minutes before she emerged. She was looking fabulous. The clouds parted in agreement.

As guests arrived, they all seemed, well, normal. No people dressed as clowns. No pantomime horses. Nothing.

How wrong I was!

Oh, and the bride and groom? Those folk, you know, who are the focus of the day? It was like watching people who couldn't get enough. It was like watching a couple who honestly had no idea of time. I was very thankful to be absorbed into their world.

Thanks guys. :-)

Angus D