Sunday, 29 January 2012

I'm still here! Soon won't be.

Forgive me. Please. I have been quiet. A dearth of facebook posts. No images. No blog posts. No Tweets. No Google Plus. People have thought I've disappeared. Maybe kidnapped!

Well, I haven't. Oh no. I've been doing a range of things. Some I love - travelling. Some I don't mind - helping my brother move place. And some I hate - tax returns. Seriously, if Hermione had a spell for sorting taxes, I'd be on my way to Kings Cross now!

Oh, and I'm soon to disappear. To another place. Another world. I will write a tearful goodbye before I turn my pack on this world. I've even got the tape, plastic sheets and good strong rope ready. It was fun while it lasted. But everything must come to an end.

I'm moving place. Wading knee deep in boxes. Living with a partner that packs so well she has to be sedated so I don't go to sleep under a duvet and wake up on the floor under a coat! She is truly an unstoppable force.

"Baby, where's my camera charger?"

"Oh, was that yours?!"

"Baby, where's my..."

"Oh, I thought you didn't need it."

"Baby. Please. Only pack your stuff. Please. Baby. Baby! Put, the box, down."

My cameras and lenses are being used as pillows at night just in case they go "missing". Better safe than sorry!

So forgive my silence. I haven't left you. The plan is always to move to better things, and as usual, I will keep you all updated. Now let me go and put that rope to good use!!!

Angus D