Tuesday, 9 November 2010

I wish I had a camera

Here's the scene.

Looking up a steep residential road. Late in the afternoon. Cloudy day from rain clouds which had graced us with a light smattering or rain. Through the grey clouds and the city dirt, the sun began to burn through the clouds, right at the top of the street, causing a very warm yellow-orange glow which fought to spread across the sky.

Then, over the crest of the hill, through the glow and the haze, a sleek high performance sports car eases into view (BMW M3 if you must know), blue-white xenon headlights blazing. With the bright sun behind causing the eyes to adjust, the contrast of the darkened road and buildings, and the car cutting a sharp sleek dark shadow with those blue-white eyes across the high peak was truly spectacular. It was like a scene from a James Cameron film.

There was just one problem. I was observing this scene unfold in the space of about 1 second, through my rear view mirror as I drove down said road.

If there was ever a time when I wish I was a) clairvoyant and b) had my camera, that was the time!!!