Sunday, 19 August 2012

Out of office reply

"Thank you for your email" it always starts. So does mine. Sometimes I want to put "wish you were chilling with me..."

Where am I? This time, Sweden. What am I doing? Getting some much needed rest and sleep. Well, that's what I say I'm doing. My partner would say I'm visiting future in-laws. Just like photography - same thing, different viewpoint. ;-)

Taking time away from work it actually really difficult when it's your own baby. So I've taken my new Nexus 7 tablet to do a little bit here and there in between the sleeping, meeting and greeting, and the babies running around my feet like ants.

But you know what, with all the hardship, life is good. Have a great.. what day is it? (When you're on holiday you forget what day it is!) You know what? Just enjoy your life!

A new build where I'm staying. Everyone seems to be 30-40, have 2 kids and a pet.
I feel like I'm in the Truman Show!

Angus D

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